How to Nourish Your Wellbeing

Have you ever sat down and truly considered how to nourish your wellbeing?

Wellbeing is the profound contentment that arises from open-hearted, relaxed and awake presence. It is a sacred presence that comes, when, without any resistance or grasping, we are at home in this body in the here and now. It is a sense of being well and whole in this moment. No matter what.

The practice of mindfulness is an investigation – engaging in inquiry as to what is happening inside us and beyond. When we investigate with an open and compassionate heart, our attention energizes the path of awakening.

How do we nourish the body, free the mind, and heal the heart?

For many of us, the first step in nourishing our wellbeing is to cultivate a sense of oneness with ourselves, with the universe, and with each other. And it is this connectedness that leads to service, which is our deepest calling.

This can sound overwhelming to us in recovery, whether we’ve been sober a month, a year, a decade.

What does it mean to cultivate a sense of oneness, a sense of connection with ourselves, the universe, with each other?

The place to begin is to explore beliefs that draw us away from ourselves, from open-hearted presence. Those habits that inhibit our capacity for wellbeing and happiness. This exploration begins with mindfulness.