Intervention Services
for Eating Disorders

Whole Families Intervention and Services performs eating disorder interventions with compassion and understanding. As eating disorders can produce significant medical complications and mental health, it is important to seek treatment early.  Importantly, families need to come together with love and care for their loved one. The language of love and acceptance is key to inviting your loved one to get help.

Eating Disorder Intervention Services





Eating Disorders - A Brief Explanation

Eating disorders are psychological illnesses

Eating disorders, such as anorexia, binge eating, and bulimia, are  psychological illnesses. They involve abnormal eating habits, such as insufficient or excessive food intake.

These disorders often involve extreme emotions, attitudes, and behaviors, including a distorted vision about body weight and shape.


Untreated, eating disorders can sabotage physical and mental health

Left untreated, individuals with eating disorders can suffer physically and mentally. For example, they can experience anxiety, depression, self-harming behavior, and life-threatening health consequences. In addition, substance abuse and mental health concerns often co-occur.

As with all addictions, the disorder is not the problem. Rather, it is the solution. The problem is the inability to handle uncomfortable feelings or situations. Those with an eating disorder use food (or the lack of) to numb their feelings. As a result of this exertion, these individuals convince themselves they are in control.

Eating Disorders - An Urgent Problem

The disease is age and gender neutral

Many eating disorders seem to affect adolescent women more than any other age group. However, individuals of all ages and genders develop eating disorders.  Recent studies reveal that over 25 million people in the U.S. suffer from some type of disordered eating.


Get help before it’s too late

Reaching out for help for your loved one may the most important decision you’ve ever made. Just like other addictions, eating disorders are a family disease. And, they are complicated. They are progressive diseases that only intensify without proper treatment. The symptoms can increase to the point of hospitalization and death. Moreover, the disease can take the whole the family down with it. Feelings of despair and helplessness can arise. And, along with those feelings, resentment toward your loved can surface.

Convening an eating disorder intervention for your loved one may save more than one life.

How Whole Families Intervention And Holistic Recovery Services Can Help

There is hope

No matter how despairing you and your family may feel, there is a path to healing and recovery. Whole Families Intervention and  Services helps plan and perform eating disorder interventions with compassion and care.

Our highly trained interventionists have the knowledge and experience to handle even the most complex eating disorders. In orchestrating an eating disorder intervention, we help families invite their loved one to accept treatment. All of this is done with lovingkindness, respect, and dignity.


Learning a new way to speak

Whole Families Intervention and Services teach families how to speak in a way their loved one can hear. We teach families to speak with love and concern. The language is filled with compassion and lovingkindness. We help families re-connect with their inner strength and courage. Specifically, their own inner strength and the inner strength of their united family. We empower families to re-connect with their hope and commitment to each other. As a result, families communicate their belief in their loved one. In short, they tell her she can overcome her eating disorder and find healing for herself.

Whole Families Intervention and Services aims to bring healing for the whole family. We provide tools to help create healthy boundaries and accountability. At the same time, we work to empower families to fulfill their hopes and aspirations. We remain with you and support you as long as it takes for everyone to achieve long term recovery and balance.

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