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Professional Intervention Services For Addiction

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What Is the goal of an Intervention?
Why is Professional Help Essential?

An intervention is a family meeting, orchestrated with a professional interventionist, where the goal is to help your loved one seek and find treatment for his or her addiction. At the same time, it initiates healing and wholeness for the whole family.

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Professional Support Is Critical

Our professional interventionists have long-term sobriety and understand the wide-ranging consequences of addiction for the whole family. 

Both our drug interventions and alcohol interventions educate the whole family on substance use, denial, boundaries, and accountability.

We conduct the whole process with gentleness, honesty, and transparency, with the ultimate goal of persuading the addicted person to accept treatment.

Both drug interventions and alcohol interventions have a high percentage of failure without a professional.

A drug intervention or alcohol intervention may be the most important gift you can offer a loved one who is suffering from alcohol abuse and/or drug abuse.

How Our Professional Interventionists Guide and Support Your Family to Change

 - With our first meeting, our professional interventionists help guide your family in loving and communicating differently. 

- We guide and support your family in loving and communicating without enabling.

 - We help you set clear boundaries, establish expectations and accountability within the family.

Our Belief and Mission

Addiction, in all its various forms, casts a large net, and families, can get caught up in the disease. By the time families reach out to us, often those closest to the person of concern are spent physically, emotionally, and mentally.

In response to this suffering, we determined our entire mission would be to promote healing for the whole family. Thus the goals of our interventions are:

 - to help your loved one seek and accept treatment so that she/he can begin the journey of recovery and long-term sobriety

 - to support family members in taking back their lives and healing in body, mind, and spirit.

- to treat everyone involved in the process with compassion, respect and dignity.

- to help families redefine and/or restore their relationships with each other.

What We Promise

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•With our intervention services for drug addiction & alcoholism, families can be set free to live meaningful and purpose-filled lives.

•Our professional interventionists understand watching your loved one suffer from alcoholism and addiction can be agonizing. We also understand that fear and frustration can be debilitating.

  •We help your family find your solution to freedom from addiction. And we don't stop there. Above all, we are here to create a path of recovery for your entire family.

 Additional Resources for Addiction:

SAMHSA Helpline


What we gurantee

  • Every individual participating in an intervention will learn and understand the disease of addiction.
  • Every individual in the intervention will be treated with compassion, respect, and dignity.
  • Your entire family will receive tools and strategies to set themselves free from the tyranny of addiction.
  • Your loved one will receive a personalized plan of treatment and individualized continuum care for long-term recovery for your family.
  • Lifetime emergency support.

Recovery Support

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Holistic recovery coaching is for anyone who has been exposed to the wrath of addiction.  We offer holistic recovery coaching to help you recenter yourself to get back into balance or to find balance for the first time.  The residual effects alone can require a reset to get life back on track.  We guide you on how to set healthy boundaries while maintaining your health and wholeness.

Recovery coaching is a form of strengths-based support for people with addictions or in recovery from alcohol, other drugs, codependency, or other addictive behaviors.[1]

Our Holistic Recovery Coaches Support Families and Individuals with Encouragement, Direction, and Accountability

Our certified and professional recovery coaches educate, guide and support both individuals and families in learning how to navigate life in sobriety.

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Individuals in early recovery are often desperate for help in re-entering life beyond the walls of a treatment facility. Treatment is often the easy part. It’s safe, structured and secure. Once they graduate, now they have to return to those environments that can be triggering.

We help those newly sober in learning how to flow with the river of life. At the same time, we’re here to help families set goals for themselves, establishing boundaries and encouraging self-care.

Here are some of the areas we offer support, set goals and accountability.

Recovery Coaching for Individuals

Education on Nature of Addiction – A Disease

Guide and Support Transitions – Re-entry, Sober Living, Self-Sufficiency

Guide and Support Recovery Work (in IOP if attending)

Life Skills – Budgeting, Job Application, Appointment Setting, Housekeeping, Social Skills

Conflict Resolution

Stress Management

Boundary Setting





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Mindfulness Practice


Resume Building/Re-Tooling

Recovery Coaching for Families

Education on Nature of Addiction – Family Disease

Guide and Support Family to Achieve Own Health and Wellness

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Conflict Resolution

Boundary Setting


Mindfulness Practice


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Benefits Of Online Recovery Coaching

It can be done any time in your busy schedule so it fits better into your normal life patterns, especially with the advent of Online Recovery Coaches who you can confer with face-to-face in the comfort and privacy of your home.

Recovery Coaches Empower clients in order to move them from Recovery to Discovery.

Recovery Coaches Make themselves accessible via text, phone, and email during Critical times (i.e “Triggers”, Holidays) throughout recovery.

Take a Non-Biased approach to recovery and substance use disorder.

Recovery Coaches “bridge” the gap between the client and family for recovery resources.

Recovery Coaches help provide awareness of “Life Purpose” beyond recovery.

Recovery Coaches help reduce or eliminate relapse.

Recovery Coaches help build confidence with skills in areas of the clients’ life pertaining to career, family, health/wellness and relationships

It works well for those who may live out of commonly populated areas where coaches may be difficult to find.

It eliminates the need to come to an office for your treatment.

You get the same benefits of structured and direct programs, as an in-person coaching session would bring.


All Recovery Coaching session's time are 100% confidential. Weekly updates are offered with family if all parties are in agreement.

We recognize that recovery coaching can be financially challenging and strive to make it a process you can invest in. We are pleased to offer package rates. We offer packages for 3, 5 and 10 sessions, for both individual, couples and family coaching.


We sets us apart

  • Certified Professional Intervention Team
  • 62 years of combined sobriety and experience
  • 98% success rate in having loved one accept treatment
  • Personalized intervention process and recovery coaching
  • Nationwide

Is Now the Right Time?

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During this unsettling time, we realize that many of those whom we love to turn to alcohol and drugs as a means to cope with anxiety and fear

Our team is here to support your family with intervention services and recovery coaching support. 

Many families ask us, "Is now the time to consider drug intervention services or alcohol intervention services for my loved one?"

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For some families, considering an intervention can feel harsh or punitive in dealing with a loved one who suffers from alcoholism and/or drug addiction, especially now.

The reality is that if addiction is left untreated, it can be fatal. It can take your loved one’s life and/or someone else’s. If you’re asking the question, most likely it’s time.

For this time of shelter-in-place, we utilize a safe and confidential teleconferencing platform. 

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Our certified interventionists and recovery coaches have decades of sobriety. Their compassionate approach is rooted in experiential knowledge of addiction and alcoholism.

They are here to support your family. Whether it's in orchestrating an intervention or guiding your family as to how to love with boundaries via recovery coaching.

Pick up the phone today. We're as close as your voice.

Guiding adolescents, adults and seniors to health and wholeness.

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google verified 5 stars whole families interventions

Whole Families Intervention worked with my family to help me choose a better way to live. They researched a treatment center, worked with me to accept that I needed help at the intervention, flew down with me to the treatment center *and* flew with me back afterward to support me as I entered transitional housing. They have stayed in touch with me and offered love & support ever since then, and by their help, hard work, and the grace of my Higher Power, I am now 2 years clean as of 2/17/2020.

They are healers - consider contacting them if you have a desire to stay clean or want to find a new way to live.

5 star reviews Whole Families Interventions

Matthew S.

Luckily, when I was desperately looking for help and called Whole Families Intervention, Kelly answered the phone. She was absolutely fabulous. She was empathetic, professional, and knowledgeable. I hired her and her partner. They set everything up within a week. The timing was very important since the person who needed help could have lost everything within a very short time. Absolutely, everything was covered, so the alcoholic would have no excuses not to go into rehab. I highly recommend Whole Families Intervention. I feel they saved the life of my alcoholic.

5 star reviews Whole Families Interventions

Judy C

These two are the most incredible, passionate individuals I have ever met . They truly care about the families they are working with and want to make sure everyone is complete and happy. I would look no further if you want your family to become whole again !

5 star reviews Whole Families Interventions

D. Masters

My experience with this company was beyond any of my expectations. Their knowledge and observational skills of the situation were unbelievable. They anticipation of the questions we were going to ask before we asked! They have the answers!! The extraordinary care they took with each family member made us feel the hope we were so desperately seeking. Forever Grateful!

5 star reviews Whole Families Interventions