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Stop the cycle of addiction today. It's not just your loved one that is suffering. Everyone in their wake is being affected.

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We believe that people can recover from addiction. And that families can be set free to live lives that have meaning and purpose.

At Whole Families Intervention Services we orchestrate compassionate interventions, utilizing evidence-based methodology.

We motivate your loved one to choose the best clinically-appropriate treatment for alcoholism, drug addiction and eating disorders. We provide case-management and create a personal aftercare plan, specifically designed for each family.

With our interventions for addiction we foster accountability to ensure long-term success.  

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At Whole Families Intervention Services, we rally for your family’s recovery. We know what it’s been like to be where you are. You may feel you’ve done all you can do to save the person you love. Nothing has worked. In fact, you may be loving to death those who are addicted.

We understand.

We have suffered under the lash of addiction. And our families suffered alongside us. Many of us have experienced financial, emotional, physical and spiritual exhaustion by the time we reach out for help.

With our intervention services we plan and orchestrate interventions for addiction(alcoholism, drug addiction, gaming), co-occurring disorders, eating disorders and PTSD  Our intervention services are designed  with compassion and clear boundaries. We become the life preserver for the whole family. We intend to set you free of the worry and anxiety of saving your loved one’s life. We intend to set your loved one free from addiction.

Are you ready to end the cycle of addiction and set everyone free?

Our team at Whole Families Intervention Services is here to help your loved one find treatment and achieve sobriety. We provide you with a plan for your own healing and wholeness.

Please contact us regarding our intervention services, recovery coaching, sober companionship, sober transport, locating treatment and e-recovery coaching.

The founders are available for complimentary consultations. 


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Interventions save lives 


Life will intervene. It always does.  Whether it's medical, legal, or financial.  If your loved one is suffering from drug addiction, alcoholism or an eating disorders an intervention for  him or her from hitting rock bottom could save their life.

How do you know it's time for  Professional intervention services?

Take this  short quiz. It can assist  you to determine if it is time to orchestrate a professional intervention.

Many of us wait to plan an intervention. The timing is never convenient. Compassion doesn't mean waiting. Calling us today can be one of the most important calls you make. 

Our Professional Intervention services team with design an  intervention based specifically on your families needs.  

Our interventions for addiction are more than a meeting

Despite what you may have heard, families can influence when a loved one is ready to change.  You won't have to wait until your loved one hits bottom or asks for help in order to orchestrate a drug addiction intervention, alcohol intervention or  eating disorder intervention.

The question is, are you ready to consider professional intervention services for your loved one? Can you define his or her bottom on your terms? Are you ready to intervene for yourself and your family? Are you ready to begin healing your own life?

 Hiring an intervention service - a commitment to your own recovery

Hiring a highly qualified intervention service may be the most important decision you as a family may make together.

We are here to help you help your loved one find the treatment solution that works best for everyone. It may be a treatment center, recovery house and/or twelve step meetings. It may be doing one or all of the above with the support of one of our highly trained recovery coaches.

Whatever step you take toward recovery, it is your commitment to each other and your loved one that you’re willing to do what you can to arrest the addiction.

In addition, it's your commitment to yourselves to begin your own healing. To choose a new way of living. A life of freedom and wholeness.

It may be the most compassionate thing you’ve ever done for yourself, for each other, and your addicted loved one.

Loving with dignity and respect

Our mindful interventions don't end with treatment for your loved one. In fact, they begin with your first phone call for you and your whole family.

We teach you and your whole family how to love differently. To love with boundaries, natural consequences, and mindful intentionality.

We guide you and your family to lead with compassion, dignity, and wholeheartedness. We support you in your own recovery toward health and wholeness. We guide you in living a life of mindfulness and freedom.

Please get started today.



 recovery odds to 90% 


Holistic recovery coaches. What we offer.

As certified recovery, health and life coaches who’ve been in recovery 26+ years, we walk with you step by step in your own recovery. Whether just leaving rehab(for the 1st or after several attempts), the parent or caregiver of an addicted person or struggling with a failure to launch adult child.  We are here to guide your family on your new of recovery.

We provide confidential sober coaching. In addition, we  provide,  sober transport, and sober companionship for special situations.  Creating healing with each moment of the journey.

We walk with you in your recovery from alcohol, drug, disordered eating, and any other addictions.

How we do it

As your personal recovery coach, we offer support and guidance to help you and your loved one achieve long-term success, health, and wholeness.

Specifically, we meet with you in person or via phone to support you as you begin healing your body, mind, and spirit.

We help you set personal goals for your health, whether it's revamping your diet or helping you to begin an exercise regimen that works for you. We help you with the challenges of daily living, whether it's finding appropriate living space or finding a job.

We partner with you as an individual, a family, a colleague and/or friend to empower you to take responsibility for your own well being. We work with you until you are ready to walk on your own.

One-on-one and group recovery coaching

We offer both one-on-one and group recovery coaching for the person of concern,  your family, colleagues, and/or friends. Coaching can begin within the treatment setting for the person concerned. For your family, colleagues, and friends, coaching can begin with the first phone call.

We can meet in your home, in the office, in a private setting. We can meet in person, via the phone or video. Whatever works best for you and your loved one. 

We help you develop a recovery plan for yourself and your loved one. We guide and support you in addressing potential challenges to your own recovery. We serve as personal mentors to support your loved one  in navigating his/her early days/months in recovery.

Practical holistic support - mindfulness tools

We provide practical holistic tools to help you and your loved one in the ongoing process of healing physically, mentally, and psychologically.

We guide and support you in:

Nourishing yourself with nutrient-dense foods

Detoxing the body with health-producing cleanses

Caring for yourself with the proper amount of sleep, exercise, and rest

Balancing yourself with mindfulness practices


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Recovery transport support


There are many instances where a client may require an escort to treatment, sober living, weddings, class reunions and business conferences. 

As trained professionals each transport is more than a ride to an event.  It is a chance for healing and walking forward with questions and concerns to build your loved one's foundation.

This process of a person's journey can be a delicate time for their recovery.

Our services are reliable, safe and trustworthy.  We offer 24/7 services throughout the U.S.


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Support in early recovery


Whole Families Intervention Services provides Sober Companionship to support newly recovering individuals in maintaining daily sobriety.  Offering hourly, daily and weekly rates, we help set your loved one up for success by designing a roadmap to walk forward. 

From transitioning into sober housing, learning how to create a successful day, nutrition, exercise, job searching, financial strategies and mending interpersonal relationships with family.

Individuals returning home will encounter stressors and triggers. Sober Companionship helps to ensure that a relapse will not occur. As soon as your loved one graduates from treatment, we are there to sustain the early recovery she or he began in treatment.

Newly recovering folks and those struggling with relapse will benefit tremendously.


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text savvy coaching


E-recovery coaching provides guidance and mentoring online for those seeking or in recovery.  Texting, email and 4 monthly phone conference calls (15 min each check-in)  for only $43.75 a week.

Have a personal recovery coach in your pocket at all time.

Our certified recovery coaches provide recovery support in early recovery, following any episodes of drug or alcohol use, or lapses in recovery.


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Navigating treatment 


Whole Families provides case management to assist families in locating specific treatment centers for their loved one.  It can be difficult to navigate.

 Finding proper placement is can be crucial to their success.

We provide a minimum of two options for treatment facilities, specifically geared for your loved one's needs. We consider treatment modalities (MAT, 12-Step, Christian, secular, Buddhist, SMART Recovery), the facility’s detox regimen, nutrition, exercise coaching, meditation, music, outdoor options and holistic approaches. We also can suggest after-care AN plan for the whole family.  We provide your family with details of the treatment facilities that are crucial for long-term success.

Because insurance can be a factor we have several resources for many situations.


treelogoDrug Addiction Interventions and Alcohol Interventions | Whole Families Intervention Services

Our intervention process stops the cycle of addiction.

With our interventions, guidance and support, families can and do change.

With our interventions comes freedom and wholeness for everyone.

We handle addiction differently. 

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 If the enabling does not stop, the cycle will continue. With our interventions we help the family shift. We help everyone find freedom from addiction.

We take as much time as needed to listen and learn about your family dynamic and your loved one's history of addiction. 

Many families have ways of operating, whereby various players take on scripted roles. Your family may have its own particular operating system.

When we understand the various roles we've taken on as the family, it can help us understand why we think and act as we do. With understanding, we can have more compassion towards ourselves and others.

Understanding and compassion are necessary ingredients that help families shift out of the co-dependent behavior.

We coach families how to love differently. how to love with boundaries. How to practice self-care, so they can live from a place of peace and abundance.














Our work doesn't end with intervention assistance. From the minute you engage us, we guide and support you and your family in your own journey toward healing and wholeness. 

Those addicted to alcohol and drugs can inflict major damage in the midst of their addictions. In fact, for many families trauma, shame and addiction are in their history.  So is strength, courage and resilience.  

You and your family are strong, courageous and perseverant.

We at Whole Families Intervention Services and Holistic Recovery Coaching  tap into your family's strength, resolve and hope. 

Often those closest to the person of concern are the ones who are willing to reach out for help. Not only for the person concerned, but for themselves, as well.  

You may be that person. If so, you are the one who knows close-up your family's weaknesses and suffering. You also know it's strength, courage and resolve.  

We are here to walk beside you with recovery coaching.

You have come come to the right place. We guide and support you and your whole family in finding health and wellbeing. In short, we're here to help you create a whole new life for yourselves.

We offer one-on-one recovery coaching and group recovery for you and your family. We're here to walk beside you and will we'll be here to support you as long as you need.  

For folks in early sobriety, we also offer sober transport and sober companionship. Navigating new landscapes can be difficult for some. We offer added support to help build the foundation in recovery.

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We were losing our daughter to drugs and alcohol. Whole Families Intervention Services responded to our cry for help and supported us every step of the way. Our daughter has been clean and sober for a year. The most amazing miracle is that we have our family back AND we have our lives back. Thank you Whole Families Interventions Services!

Stephanie, NC

I watched my wife deteriorate in mind, body and spirit. I saw my kids trying to get her well. They are way too young to be responsible for their mom's wellbeing. I reached out to Whole Families Intervention Services for help. They guided us through the whole process. My wife just celebrated 2 years sobriety. She is a beautiful wife and mom and daughter. We have our lives back. I'm so grateful to Whole Families Intervention Services.

Paul, Michigan

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