Recovery Coaching and Continuum of Care

As soon as your loved one agrees to treatment, we at Whole Families Intervention and Holistic Recovery Services begin assisting you and your family in navigating your next steps. Our interventionist team provides both recovery coaching and continuum of care to you and your family.

We help prepare you and your family for your loved one to return home. Returning home can be challenging for everyone, so planning is essential.

We provide recovery coaching and continuum of care to ease your loved one’s return to daily life. At the same time, we offer you and your family support in navigating your response to your loved one’s return.

You and your family may still be angry, have resentments and fears. Newly recovery people can have many fears and anxiety. It can be a challenging time for everyone. We are here to support both you and your loved one on a new path.

Sober Companionship


Recovery Support At Home

  • IOP
    Intensive Outpatient
  • Sober Housing
    Monitored Housing for Sober Residents
  • Breathalyzer Monitoring
    Monitored alcohol testing
  • Weekly Drug Testing
    8 panel drug testing
  • Recovery Coaching
    Assistance moving forward. Recovery support to navigate employment, school, new family dynamics, health and wholeness
  • Sober Companionship
    Daily, hourly support
  • Sober Transport
    Assistance Traveling
  • Sober Contracts
    Recovery Contract with loved one and family for accountability
  • Locating Therapists
    We assist in locating therapists in your area for co-occurring disorders and family support.
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Continuum of Care

Continuum of Care – Preparation Begins Early

As soon as your loved one agrees to treatment, we meet with you and your family.  The purpose will be to gain each person’s perspective on the meeting and assess each person’s reactions to the outcome. Your Whole Families intervention team will field your questions and concerns about the recovery process and post-treatment support for your whole family.

Whatever the treatment scenario, re-entry into daily living without drugs, alcohol or disordered eating requires significant adjustment for everyone, particularly during the first 90 days.

Whole Families Intervention & Services offers holistic recovery coaching for the whole family. We are here to guide and support each member in navigating this transition. Our primary purpose is to initiate and bolster long-term recovery. Importantly, our aim is to boost your family’s health and wellbeing.

Before your loved one leaves treatment, our holistic recovery coaching team meets with  the facility to put a plan in place for re-entry. Importantly, a plan helps to ensure success for your loved one. Specifically, a plan typically includes recovery meetings, holistic recovery coaching, daily exercise and nutrition support.

As newly recovering people return home, they can feel a bit apprehensive about returning to the same environment and people they left. Most will need a lot of support in their return. We are here to offer that holistic continuum of care.

Continuum of Care

Helping the Family to Love Differently

When a family member or a friend is in the midst of addiction, the community can suffer as much or more than the person of concern. In order to protect and support his/her habit, the person of concern resorts to manipulating others in order to get his/her needs met.

Many families choose to meet these addictive needs in order to keep the peace. Others choose to express their love by enabling the addiction. Meanwhile, this behavior sabotages the health and wellbeing for everyone. Enabling has many guises. For example, some families deny that a problem exists. Others prioritize the addict’s needs over everyone else’s. Some accuse other family members of addiction.  Similarly, others fund the addict’s housing, car payments, daily needs. In short, the whole family suffers alongside the addicted person.

We help families adopt a new way of loving each other. At the same time, we help families adopt new ways of loving themselves. As a result, the whole family begins to feel a sense of freedom and peace. Below, we explain how this miracle can happen.

Continuum of Care

Learning How to Be Responsible for Ourselves

While your loved one is in treatment, we offer coaching for family members. Specifically, we to help members shift old behaviors and language toward less reactive responses. In addition, we help you to see where you may be enabling the addiction. Where you may be helping them to stay in the disease. When we’re living with addiction close-up, it’s easy to fall into co-dependency. Consequently, with co-dependency, it’s tempting to tend to others needs while forgoing your own.

With holistic recovery coaching, we empower each family member to be responsible for their own physical, mental and emotional wellbeing – and allow others to practice the same.

Continuum of Care

Learning How to Practice Self-Care

Importantly, practicing self-care can help break negative patterns and help ensure daily sobriety. Our recovery coaches provide guidance and encouragement in healthy nutrition, specific exercises to relieve stress, and meditation practice in order to live with contentment and ease.

While interventions may feel exhausting and emotionally draining, the process can be liberating and reaffirming for everyone. The key is to have a professional interventionist team and highly trained recovery coaches by your side.

At Whole Families, we meet families wherever they are in their lives and help them take the next step toward their own health and wholeness.

Continuum of Care

Holistic Support for the Newly-Recovering Person

As we’ve mentioned, stepping back into daily living can feel overwhelming for a newly- recovering person. We offer guidance, encouragement and accountability to help ease re-entry. Importantly, we provide this care and support for as long as it takes. We do this to help the recovering person adopt positive lifestyle choices in order to prevent relapse.

Our recovery coaches specialize in drug addiction, alcoholism, and disordered eating. We are experienced in the field of the recovery and know what it’s like to try and live without one’s drug of choice. We know some days will be harder than others. How life’s curve balls can tip us off balance. How we may have relationships that need repairing, rebuilding, or letting go.

Whole Families recovery coaches provide a holistic approach to life without addiction. We teach those new in sobriety how to manage life one day time with acceptance, contentment and a sense of ease.

Early sobriety can be challenging. People, places and things can be a trigger. Our coaches walk with the newly sober person to strategize how best to handle conflicts and potential temptations in a positive, healthy manner. We teach mindfulness practices to empower the newly sober person in a way of life that promises freedom and peace.

Continuum of Care

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We believe the first steps towards health and healing from addiction are bridged with compassion, integrity, and whole hearted-care. Give us a call to speak with one of our intervention specialists and learn how we can help you. We’re here for you and your family.

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