Employee Intervention Services

Whole Families provides employee intervention services for addiction. We’re here to help you help your employee and/or colleague seek treatment.

Addiction casts a wide net. You as an employer may find yourself caught in its web. Offering your employee intervention services could save more than one life. It could save a career, a family, someone else’s life.

Reach out for help before it’s too late.

Employee Intervention services


We help your business assess the risk and initiate an employee intervention before major consequences result.

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High Cost of Addiction in the Workplace

The effects of alcohol and drug addiction cost businesses in the United States over $80 billion a year, according the Department of Labor. The consequences of an addicted executive, physician, attorney or mechanic can jeopardize a business’ reputation and put it at significant risk both financially and legally.

It is a very serious issue. And getting worse.

Employee Intervention services

Employee Intervention Services – Legal and Practical Implications

When orchestrating an employee intervention on the behalf of an executive, Whole Families may opt to bring in a professional interventionist alone or a very small team. Often, top level executives require the highest degree of confidentiality within the company.

The key is to document the employee’s behavior, performance, and ability to meet expectations. This is important both legally and practically. Specific information, such as dates, times and witnesses, helps break through denial and helps addicted people see how their behavior has affected those with whom they work.

It is costly and largely illegal to terminate someone suffering an addiction. A professionally orchestrated employee intervention has been proven to the be most successful process in getting employees to choose treatment.

Employee Intervention services

There is a Solution

We at Whole Families Intervention and Holistic Recovery Services can help you help design and perform an employee intervention with compassion, dignity and respect. It may be the most important decision you ever make.

Our professional, certified interventionists guide you in planning a completely confidential and compassionate meeting with your employee. Importantly, we understand the the sensitivity and gravity of an employee intervention. You can count on us to help your employee choose freedom from addiction. In short, your help may not only save your employee’s life, but reap rewards for your company.

Call us today. We’re here to help.

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