As yoga teachers, aspiring yogis, hopeful handstanders, we at Whole Families could craft a lengthy dissertation in favor of this ancient practice. Groundedness and flight, fortitude and ease, power and surrender are life-saving binaries to reconcile – especially for us as addicts and those who love us.

Yoga teaches us to strengthen from within. Focusing solely on the space we inhabit on our small mats, the practice challenges us to stillness, acceptance, love, and forgiveness. Pushing through discomfort in a plank pose reminds us that we are tougher than we tell ourselves. Jumping upside down allows us to shift our perspective and conquer our fear while we do it. Sliding into splits offers us flexibility and resilience of body, mind, and spirit. Only in offering this to ourselves are we able to walk through our circumstances in peace and offer these gifts to others.

In recovery, we learn of the body-mind connection. A physically strong body becomes an emotionally strong being. At Whole Families, some of our greatest spiritual teachers happen to have a mean six-pack. These teachers believe they are a strong, and so it will be. Can you give your body-mind this gift today?

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