Recovery Coaching

Whole Families Intervention and Services believes that recovery coaching is an important building block for long-term recovery.

Statistics show that that 85% of those leaving treatment don't stay sober. With recovery coaching, up to 90% stay sober in the first year.

We have seen families and their loved ones extend and enhance their own transformation. Their journey toward health and wholeness began with the first call of the intervention process. Yours can too.



Whole Families is committed to helping newly recovering clients and their families feel supported by all the challenges they may face. Our aim is to guide and support everyone involved in building a strong and solid foundation from the ground up.  This foundation begins with our first conversation and meeting.

Recovery Coaching: Navigating Re-entry

Putting down the substance is the beginning of a continuous process of self-discovery and healing for the recovering person and the family. We're here to guide and support each client in that process(holistic tools)

Re-entry planning back into daily living can be challenging, particularly in the first 90 days. We know because we've been there, too. The Whole Families team consists of highly qualified experienced coaches with long-term recovery (25+ years).

We understand that navigating living arrangements, relationships, careers, and various aspects of life can be difficult for newly sober people.

Individualized Recovery Coaching for the Person of Concern

Whole Families Intervention and Holistic Recovery Services tailors our recovery coaching to each person’s particular needs. We walk alongside the person of concern as soon as they begin treatment. We walk alongside family members as soon as the first phone call. Our goal is to listen, guide and support each client as they begin their journey toward healing and wholeness.

We listen to our clients' stories. With honesty and transparency, we share our own personal stories. How we used drug, alcohol and disordered eating to cope with life. We share our own journeys. How we hit painful, destructive bottoms. And how we began to shift our lives toward healing and wholeness.

Over many years, we’ve heard thousands of stories among those who suffer from addiction. We’ve watched many get clean and sober. Many have worked at their recovery and are living whole, productive lives.

We've seen others return to their drug of choice. We've witnessed the subsequent pain and suffering that ensues for themselves and those who love them.

Personalized Recovery Coaching

Each person who suffers from substance abuse has his or her own unique story, personality, nature and family background.  We work at knowing our clients and their needs. We offer a tailor-made, personalized program to meet them exactly where they are in their recovery.

At Whole Families, we believe that building trust with our clients is essential. Importantly, our individual conversations are private and confidential.  We move together at a pace that feels appropriate and comfortable for the newly recovery person.

Recovery Coaching for Families

According to the National Institute of Health (NIH), a person in active addiction negatively impacts a wide circle of people. In most instances, this circle of adversely affected people centers on the family of the addicted person.

We at Whole Families understand how devastating the collateral damage can be. You may come from an addicted home. Your parents may have experienced an addicted home, too. Often the disease passes from one generation to the next. We’ve seen families disintegrate under the weight of addiction. We’ve also witnessed families where every family member, and thus the whole community, has healed itself back to wholeness.

Healing Whole Families. One Person at a Time

Whole Families Intervention and Holistic Recovery Services’ primary purpose is to heal the whole family. Families seek recovery and wholeness from the damage caused by addiction. At the same time, families play an integral role in their addicted loved one’s rehabilitation and recovery process.

Each family member has a different relationship with the addicted person. Family members play different roles in addicted person's life. Each member experiences pain and dysfunction, individually.

We firmly believe that reconciling conflicts, rebuilding trust, and restoring relationships within the family forms the basis for the family’s lifelong recovery.

We're here to listen. Sharing your story is the first step toward your own healing. We're here to hear about your relationship to the addicted person, to hear your pain, frustration, and perhaps even your despair.

We're here to let you let go. Let us take it from here.

We at Whole Families help you understand the nature of addiction, the cycle of enabling and your participation in the family dynamic. We guide and support you in the process of forgiveness. For yourself and your loved one. With guidance and support, it becomes easier to practice forgiveness and begin your own journey toward wholeness.

Our recovery coaching with you is always confidential and will include:

-Understanding the nature of addiction: cunning, baffling and powerful

- Recovery and its challenges

- Self-care

- Managing anxiety

- Thoughts-feelings

- Setting boundaries

- Forgiveness

- Living each day mindfully

- Meditation practice

Recovery Coaching Support - Group Coaching

Whole families Intervention and Holistic Recovery Services aims to equip clients with tools to lead whole lives with sustained recovery and serenity. We understand that the intervention process is not an event.

Group coaching can help both family members and newly recovering folks navigate a shifting landscape. It begins with a first phone call and continues through treatment and post-treatment.

Whole Families Intervention and Holistic Recovery Services convenes group coaching to help clients take ownership of their personal wellbeing and their sobriety.

We guide and support members so they can hold themselves accountable to themselves and others. Group support helps members stay connected to a community which is at the same stage of recovery. This connection bolsters courage and confidence in their newfound freedom.

Group coaching is a means of creating a community of like-minded people who want to live a sober life of purpose. It is not 12 step work, therapy or addiction counseling.  Whole Families Intervention & Services recovery coaches work with individuals to source their answers from within themselves.  Finding their own wisdom so that the can live a life of freedom, peace, and purpose.

Take the first step. Join a group.

At Whole Families, we believe in you. We're here to walk with you out of the darkness and into the light. We'll encourage and motivate you to live a sober life of freedom, peace, and serenity.

Anonymous groups allow members to share and connect with others on their path toward healing and wholeness. We heal by sharing our stories and hearing others share theirs. We gain strength and courage for the journey in hearing others overcome their fears and obstacles.

Everyone benefits.  Building a new life requires attention to ourselves in body, mind, and spirit. In your group, you will gain practical tools to begin building a foundation for health and wellness in body, mind, and spirit.

Our group recovery coaches guide individuals in the challenges of daily living, decision-making, conflict resolution, managing anxiety, restoring relationships and letting those that don't serve us go.

With loving kindness, we work on each member's well-being for emotional balance, clarity, focus, serenity, and success. We help people achieve new life skills and a vision for their lives as they shift from a world of addiction and darkness to a new light.

At your convenience.

Whether you choose individualized or group recovery coaching, we are here to support you. Research shows how recovery coaching helps sustain positive life changes for everyone involved. We can work with you while you sip your tea and cozy in your favorite chair. We work with clients via telephone, zoom video web conferencing (covered by HIPAA) or in person.

Working with clients for extended time periods is typical to achieve long-term goals.

The bottom line

Whole families group coaching supports individuals to find their truth. We emphasize and honor values, accountability, and honesty. When clients embrace these daily practices, they re-establish their sense of self-worth, self-respect, and dignity. These qualities are the very attributes that create long-term happiness and freedom.

Holistic Support for Body, Mind, Spirit

With all our recovery coaching models, we offer holistic support for the body (nutrition), mind (mindfulness) (meditation) and spiritual healing.  We’ll explore and provide new tools to create a new life, built on a solid foundation - physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Practical, Holistic Tools and Strategies

Step by step, we guide and support each client in healing the whole individual through:

Daily movement





Moving through the day mindfully

Thoughts and feelings

Please also review:

Planning your intervention

Planning post-treatment support

If you are still not sure if addiction is an issue in your life please take 2 minutes to take our confidential online quiz.

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Why recovery coaching is such an important peice of the foundation.
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