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For over two decades, the founders of Whole Families have been deeply involved in recovery, supporting others in their journey toward health and healing.

As certified interventionists and professional recovery coaches, Frances Murchison and Kelly Jennings founded Whole Families with one intention. To support individuals and families in finding freedom from addiction in order to live a life of wholeness and purpose.

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Whole Families provides a team of professional interventionists throughout the US.  We are available 24/7 to guide your family. You are not alone.  Our six-step process promises to guide and support you step by step in the intervention process.

Choosing the Right Interventionist  for Your Family

Choosing your intervention team may be the most important decision you’ll ever make. It could save more than one life.

It’s critical to gather as much information about the interventionist you want to guide and support you in this life-changing process.

Whole Families Intervention & Services, Inc. designs each intervention and recovery plan individually, based on your family's interpersonal relationships and strengths.

Addiction casts a wide net. The disease affects many people connected to the addicted person.

With everything on the table, we design your intervention with the sole intention of healing your whole family. We plan and orchestrate your intervention process so that your loved one seeks and finds treatment. And we don’t stop there.

We provide you with a plan for long-term recovery, empowering each member of your family and intervention circle toward wholeness. Our interventionists support each member in his or her own journey of health in body, mind, and spirit. When each member is working toward health and wellbeing, the whole family heals.

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We stay with you as long as it takes.

The intervention is a process of recovery, wholeness and a new life for everyone.

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Meet The Team

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Frances Murchison, CEO


More About Frances

Frances Murchison is a professional certified interventionistrecovery coach and holistic health coach. In addition, Frances is an author, speaker, retreat leader, yoga instructor with 31 years' sobriety.

Frances believes addiction is a family disease. She is committed to supporting both families and their loved ones to find freedom from addiction.

Frances coaches individuals and families to make grace-filled changes toward health and wellbeing so that that they can live a life of recovery, resilience, and wholeness.

Frances has published two books: Breathe. See. Nourish. Energize. A Pathway to Healing and Heal Your Whole Body. The 12-day Power Plan to Flush Toxins, Balance Hormones, and Reset Your Body's Most Essential Organ.

Deborah Dunn Whole Families Intervention Services

Deborah Dunn, COO

CAI, ARISE Certified, HHC, AADP, Yoga and Mediation Teacher

More About Deborah

Deborah Dunn began her on-going sober journey in 1981. This lead her to
the work she does as a certified holistic health counselor, yoga/meditation teacher
for more than three decades, retreat leader in India and certification as a recovery
coach and interventionist.  She offers heartfelt experience to individuals and families
to heal, find peace and ease and to become their best self.

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Administrative Team

Jenna Silverman - Administratorive Coordinator

We are here for your family

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