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Whole Families Intervention Services is a national company that provides intervention services and treatment resources in all 50 states for drug addiction, alcoholism and eating disorders. Our intervention services are among several services we offer. Whole Families Intervention Services also provides case management, recovery coaching, life coaching, sober transport, sober companionship, and aftercare for both your loved one and your family.




Are you looking for intervention services for your loved one? We work with individuals and their families across the country, and come right to your doorstep with a host of resources.

Right in your hometown, your intervention process begins as soon as you call us. We learn about your family and your loved one. We learn about the history of your family. We hear about your challenges and the strengths each of you have, both individually and corporately, to overcome these challenges.

With this information, we begin orchestrating your intervention, finding the most clinically-appropriate treatment facility option and creating a long-term treatment plan to help ensure success for your loved one.

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While our intervention services span across the country, we travel to you. We meet you, your family, and loved one right in your own home town.  We believe each family deserves the one-on-one care and attention to heal from the wrath of addiction.




We at Whole Families Intervention Services are professional interventionists and recovery coaches who plan and orchestrate interventions across the country and provide services to ensure long-term success for both your loved one and your family. We are here to guide and support your whole family to recover and heal.




We believe that addiction is a family disease and that it casts a wide net. We also believe that people can recover from addiction and that the whole family can be set free. The key is that your family has to shift from language and behavior that enables your loved one to continue using.

With our  intervention services, we at Whole Families Intervention Services guide and support the whole family to shift in a way that empowers your loved one to seek and accept help.



One step at a time, with compassion and respect, we help your family individually prepare for a successful intervention. Our work doesn’t stop once your loved one chooses treatment. While he or she is in treatment, we provide life coaching for each family member to help you create and sustain self-care practices. For the newly recovering person, coaching provides your loved one with basic life skills. Whether your loved one or family members are actually residing in your hometown  or not, we provide services in person, via facetime and/or phone.

The coaching relationship encourages each person to learn, to grow to improve the quality of their lives, foster accountability and to live a life of joy and peace.

With our nationwide intervention services, we empower both your loved one and your family to create purposeful and meaningful lives.  Utilizing resources in your backyard or states away. Based on your comfort, we design a plan based on your families needs.




Our sole goal is to provide your whole family a path to new life, a life of abundance, health and wholeness. We do this by fostering accountability, establishing manageable and attainable goals, and supporting each person every step of the way.

Whole Families Intervention Services stays with you as long as you need. You don’t have to do this alone.




With Whole Families Intervention Services, your intervention services and recovery path can begin today. Give us a call. We’re here for you, you don't have to do this alone.



(800) 909 -9714

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Intervention Services
for your loved one

Our team will understand your specific situation and offer unlimited coaching prior to the intervention.  We learn the nuances of your loved one and your family, both who they are now and who they were prior to addiction .[

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The type of treatment modality and clinical care is very important in the long-term process of recovery. We review the needs of your loved one to place them in the most appropriate detox and treatment facility.  Our interventions save men, women and adolescents.


After-Care Recovery Plan
for the entire family

The process of recovery for your family begins when you make your first call to us.  The intervention meeting is the first step on a path of healing and wholeness.  We walk with your loved one during treatment and assist with re-entry to normalcy as they successfully exit treatment.

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We have many wonderful selections of resources for IOP, PHP, therapists and sober housing to support your family.  We help your family navigate recovery in your home town in North Carolina.  If your loved one prefers to go to treatment outside of North Carolina for professional or personal reasons, we have resources nationwide to assist your specific requests.

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