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Intervention Services

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Why Hire Professional Interventionists? 

Interventions for Addiction Require Professional Help

Professional interventions bring together family members and friends for an in-person meeting with their loved one, aided by professionally trained interventionist.  It is an educational, information-sharing, and empowering process for all involved.

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According to the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence (NIDA), over 90% of all addicts make a commitment to get help when a professional directs the intervention. In having a loved one accept treatment, our success rate is 97%.

Our Goal for Your Intervention

Our intervention services for alcoholism and drug addiction are designed to address each family’s individual situation. We create and orchestrate your intervention with multiple goals for one purpose: 1) to meet your family exactly where you, to honor your particular situation, to empower your loved one to accept treatment. The ultimate purpose: To set your whole family free to live a life of wholeness and wellbeing.

How We Orchestrate the Process

The process is simple. It all starts with a free, confidential conversation with one our certified interventionists, all of whom have over 2 decades of sobriety and are professionally trained interventionists + recovery coaches.

Whole Families interventionists will listen to your situation and learn about your family’s history, its strengths and challenges. Once we have as much information as we need, we will create a plan for your family’s success. In this stage of the process, we identify participating members and have one-on-one conversations with each one. This way, we learn about your family’s situation and the life of your loved one from many perspectives.

From here, we identify the proper treatment for your needs and budget.

Next, we convene the intervention and empower your loved one to go to the treatment center you have chosen.

We don’t stop here. While your loved one is in treatment, we help you create a plan for your family’s long-term success, offering 24/7 lifetime emergency support.

Addiction is a Disease. We Approach It as One.

As defined by the American Medical Association (AMA), addiction is a disease.  It is not a moral failing.

Like all diseases, addiction is caused by a combination of behavioral, environmental and biological factors. Genetic risk factors account for about half of the likelihood that an individual will develop an addiction.

Addiction of all types can affect our physical, emotional and mental health.  It is a progressive disease.

Without treatment, addiction can ruin lives.  Not just for the person concerned.  Families, friends, and colleagues suffer too.  Untreated addiction can lead to jail, mental institutions, and death.

By the time families reach out to us, most have attempted numerous times to help their loved one find recovery, and it failed. This time, do it right. We at Whole Families teach you how to love differently. How to love without enabling. How to love with accountability.


Recovery Coaching

Recovery Coaching provides extra support for those in early recovery.

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Daily challenges of job search, housing, financial obstacles, legal navigation, nutritional goals and even interactions with family and friends can be challenging.

We guide your loved one in setting goals toward living a life of purpose, creativity, and fulfillment.

Creating a New Language Within Your Family

We work with both your loved one and your family, guiding and supporting each member in their journey toward freedom and wholeness. We teach your family a new language. We teach your family the language of love with accountability. A language with boundaries. A language free of enabling and co-dependency. A language free of shame.

We meet a minimum of 1X/week to keep everyone focused on their particular goals and progress.

Our Coaching Approach

A Safety Net with Accountability

The early stages of rebuilding this foundation of love, support and accountability can be challenging. Our approach is honest, compassionate, and effective. We create a safety net, while requiring intentionality and transparency.

Long-term recovery requires a shift for everyone involved.

We are Here to Show You the Way

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