Intervention Services For Addiction | A Look At Our Process

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Intervention Process

(800) 909 -9714

Step 1
Complimentary Consultation

One Hour
  • Obtain history of loved one
  • Discuss current situation
  • Review impact on family and friends
  • Explain the process

Step 2
Prepare for Intervention

Unlimited Prior To Intervention
  • Create support team
  • Research treatment options
  • Address safety concerns
  • Educate support team about addiction

Step 3
Family Intervention Meeting

2 - 4 Hours
  • Conduct family meeting
  • Motivate loved one to seek treatment
  • Orchestrate travel to treatment
  • Debriefing with support team

Step 4
Additional Support During Treatment

5 Hours
  • Weekly call with support team
  • Weekly call with loved one
  • Weekly calls with counselor at treatment

Step 5
Post-Treatment Support Meeting

One Hour
  • Confirm extended care plan:
    IOP, recovery coaching, support meetings
  • Discuss sober housing options
  • Review sober monitoring options

Step 6
Support And Continuum Of Care

Hourly Packages Available
  • Recovery coaching for individuals
  • Recovery coaching for the families
  • Emergency lifetime support

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