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North Carolina Intervention Services

Whole Families Intervention Services orchestrates interventions for drug addiction, alcoholism and eating disorders in North Carolina.

We service North Carolina residents with a host of resources: intervention services, personal recovery coaching, sober transport and aftercare.

In North Carolina our intervention service process, as soon as you call us We make sure we understand your loved one, your family dynamics and the history of your loved one’s illness. With this information, we help you find the most clinically-appropriate treatment facility option.

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Our North Carolina Intervention services offer support across the state. Even with its larger cities, such as Wilmington, Charlotte, Raleigh ,Moorehead City and the Triad, resources can be limited for help with addiction. We are here to provide those resources for your entire family.

We offer Professional Intervention Services and Recovery Coaching for Drug Addiction, Alcoholism and Eating Disorders Addiction in North Carolina with personalized attention to your family.

Whole Families Intervention Services are professional interventionists providing North Carolina interventions regularly. In addition to North Carolina interventions, we offer personal recovery coaching and aftercare for both your loved one and each family. We are here to guide and support your whole family to recover and heal.

We believe that people can recovery from addiction and that addiction is a family disease and that it casts a wide net. We also believe that people can recover from addiction and that the whole family can be set free. The key is that your family has to shift from language and behavior that enables your loved one to continue using.

With our North Carolina intervention services, we at Whole Families Intervention Services help your whole family to shift in a way that empowers your loved one to seek and accept help.

One step at a time, with compassion and respect, we help your family prepare for a successful intervention. Our work doesn’t stop once your loved one chooses treatment. While he or she is in treatment, we provide life coaching for each family member to help you create and sustain self-care practices. For the newly recovering person, coaching provides your loved one with basic life skills.

The coaching relationship encourages each person to learn, to grow to improve the quality of your lives, foster accountability and to live a life of joy and peace.

We empower both your loved one and your family to create purposeful and meaningful lives. Our sole goal is to provide your whole family a path to new life, a life of abundance, health and wholeness.

We stay with you as long as you need. You don’t have to do this alone.

With Whole Families Intervention Services, your North Carolina intervention services can begin today. Give us a call. We’re here for you.

We will walk with your family

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