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How to Orchestrate an Intervention
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Alcohol Intervention Services

For Your Loved-One

Whole Families Intervention Services performs interventions for alcoholics throughout the United States.

We orchestrate each intervention to meet each family's individual needs.

With our guidance and support, your whole family can find freedom from the tyranny of alcoholism and live a life of wholeness.


Alcohol Addiction - What It Is

Here is what we believe. Alcoholism is a predictable, progressive, and chronic disease. Those afflicted with alcoholism struggle with the incessant need to use, even if it is negatively affecting their lives.

Alcohol addiction can dismantle people's lives. It impacts relationships, careers, finances, and more.


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Without treatment, a person addicted to alcohol will deteriorate and eventually will end up incarcerated, insane or dead.

Does your loved one Have Alcohol Use Disorder? 

If you can answer yes to any of these questions, your loved one may be struggling with alcohol addiction:

 √ Can your loved one stop after consuming 1 or 2 drinks?

√ Has he or she suffered any consequences from drinking, such as job loss, DWI, or broken relationships?

√ Does he or she drink in secret and attempt to hide the evidence?

√ Does he or she have a high tolerance for alcohol

Addiction is a Family Disease

Addiction is a family disease. It can be hugely devastating. It affects all aspects of the family's life. Everything from relationships, to finances, physical, emotional and mental health.

Often, an alcoholic person will do anything to obtain or use alcohol including stealing money, prescription medications, or household items.


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Living in a state of dishonesty and deception, the family may feel helpless and hopeless. Eventually, the addicted person will choose to live isolated from others.

Our Approach to Alcohol Addiction Interventions

An addicted person becomes unable to see or assess the problem. An addicted mind can't discern the solution. The solution must come from another perspective that sees the problem clearly. The key is that this other perspective must speak a language the addicted person can understand.

Whole Families Intervention Services helps families create and articulate a language that those suffering from alcoholism can understand and accept.


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This language speaks with compassion and encouragement. Our highly trained and experienced interventionists help families re-connect with their own courage and tenacity. We help families come together and offer this strength and determination to each other.

Healing the Whole Family

Whole Families Intervention Services aim to bring healing to the whole family. We provide a caring, compassionate process to help families create healthy boundaries during this turbulent time.

With dignity and respect, we help your loved one choose to seek treatment. This is done without the blame, shame, and, guilt that often accompanies the disease.

We meet with you and your whole family. We help you become empowered to begin your own journey toward recovery and balance.

How to Pay for Treatment

Whole Families Intervention Services provide a list of funding options for your loved one's treatment.

You may have been traveling a long, painful long road for some time. We have been there.  As the founders of Whole Families Intervention Services, we are recovering alcoholics with over 28+ years of recovery each.

We have been on both sides of the table.  It starts with a decision. Then the process begins to unfold.

An alcohol intervention for your loved one is not a one-shot event. It is a journey.

If someone in your family is struggling with alcoholism, please call us today.  We are waiting for you.

Mayo Clinic - Alcohol Use Disorder Article

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Alcoholism Is Deadly

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